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Explaining SEO to Clients

Explaining SEO to Clients

While explaining SEO to clients, it is very important to explain it in a clear way. There are many ways in which SEO is explained to the client. It must be explained in a clear way so that clients do not get difficulty in understanding it. Here, we have given you a few easy to follow steps to make your task of explaining SEO to clients easy.

Step How to Explain SEO to Clients:

  • Keep it very clear and simple when explaining SEO to clients: It is one of the foremost steps that one should follow while explaining SEO to clients. It is suggested to keep the explaining way as simple as you can for your clients. If you have more knowledge about SEO field then you can surely explain in a more clear and simplified way, identifying as well as transmitting only the important aspects within it, which will make the sell.
  • Know your Client: It is another important step that you should follow before explaining SEO to clients. To be accurate, it is crucial that you should understand and even know your client. You must even try to know the interests, necessities of your clients completely, if not you can not present the idea in front of your clients in an understandable way. When you are talking to a finance person, try to talk in terms of savings, money, and costs and when you are talking to a marketing person, try to talk about strategy.
  • Make use of thirty-second rule: There are many rules available for explaining SEO to the clients. One of the best rules available to apply is to make use of the thirty-second rule. It means that any explanation that you will give must take only 30 seconds and be completely understood as well as clear too.
  • Make it to bullet points while explaining SEO to the clients:
    1. Why SEO demands to begin with the website design? A few SEO requirements require a few changes in the structure and building of the websites such as CMS system choice and templates too thus it is very simple to establish this from the beginning.
    2. What is copied and plagiarism content? If the content has been copied from the websites as it is then it is called as copied content. Similar copies are called as duplicates. Remember one thing that each page on a website is scanned by the search engine for confirming whether the content is relevant and unique or not. If anyone of the page is equal to another in several aspects then any one of the pages is discarded.
    3. Why to more focus on link building? Link building is one of the successful strategies that are followed to increase the traffic and rank for the website. Links are generally the points in popularity. If you get more points you get higher page rank and your site gets viewed and visited by many people and consequently, you can sell more on your site.
    4. What are the good links? Good links are applicable links. Relevant in relation to how much they can complement the services as well as products and in relation to the status they have on search engines.
    5. Why SEO is called a strategic movie? SEO helps you greatly to market your site and also helps you in bringing an online presence of your site. It also helps you in what quality content works for you. It rightly knows how you can effectively present you in the online and virtual world, where you can get valuable links and how can you connect your productivity.


RE: Digital Marketing Companies

Most of the companies have realized the significance of showcasing their presence online. To achieve that they have decided to take a step forward towards the 21stcentury not just by simply creating web pages but web pages that engage. A gripping website designed with the perfect display of the skill set and technologies being worked upon, with the intention of impressing both old and the new clients. However, just having an impressive website alone doesn’t fit the bill any longer. As almost everybody sells the same stuff every day, one needs to ensure what is the USP for what he/she is selling and how uniquely. This is where SEO comes into the picture!

SEO is a proven protocol which affects the presence of the web sites or the web page in the search engine’s unpaid or natural search outputs. SEO can target different patterns of the search options which are available such as Video search, image search, academic search, vertical search etc. There are large numbers of tools which are available online and can help the users with the quality of the results. Most of the tools available are free of cost but constant knowledge is essential for generating top SEO results. It’s highly essential that the website should be built perfectly from the start up a point or the ground level. For a large number of the Entrepreneurs, SEO is considered as the Mysterious black box. So the point comes is what they can do and Where to start with?

If you are learning SEO for the first time, here are some points which you should take care while moving towards implementation of the SEO.

  • Research on prioritization and Keywords

Select the specific keywords which are relevant to your website. However not unethically. none of the users should target every keyword at the single go or keep repeating the same keyword over and over again. That gets marked as “Keyword-spamming”.The priority has to be set for each and every keyword the user plans to inject on the website. For boosting the traffic on the site the research on the keyword is quite vital, as they increase the number of customers. One of the common methods used is Google Ad words. Whereas there are professionals who use market data and google analytics for boosting the traffic on the site.

  • Optimization of the keywords

Jamming the content throughout with the keywords doesn’t work. Each one of the keywords should be added appropriately for gaining the advantages. It’s not enough to sprinkle the content with the keywords all over. But should try to focus the keywords in those areas where the Search engine spiders are likely to hit the keywords or search for them. The places where the keywords should be inserted are –headers, titles, Meta Tags and the anchor text. Ensure that the content which you are writing should be written for the human beings information and not for the spiders of the search engine. The content which you are displaying on your site should be relevant and up to the mark with an intelligent remark.

  • Optimization for the off pages

The content used for the purpose of the off pages should be unique and of high quality with relevant points added to it. Content should be textual as depicted in the articles, press releases and blog posts. Even the photos, videos, and podcasts could be syndicated according to the relevance of the site.

  • Unique and Fresh

Companies should keep on updating the site frequently. Companies can also build their own blogs and forums on which regular discussions could take place and users can share their views with regard to the topics mentioned. This will not only enhance the page rank but also bring ping backs and grab the attention of the other users on other forums.

  • Presence in the Social Media

Social media is playing a vital role in the marketing nowadays and showcasing the presence of the company’s products and services. There are wide ranges of social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus, Twitter etc. For boosting the traffic on the company websites the SEO takes the help of these social media sites.

Every month we like to pick on a company for one of their shortcomings. This month we choose Green Genie SEO for their ugly website. Pew……get a web designer already LOL

At least their short Oshawa SEO Youtube video is half decent!

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